Forestry Tyre LM-607A
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Forestry Tyre LM-607A
Forestry Tyre LM-607A
Size: 600/65-34,700/55-34 Type: Tyre Tube

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1.The high flotation forestry tires, with large ground contact area, low-pressure ratio on the ground and less damage to soil and sapling.
2.Tread bars at certain angle give good self-cleaning action, excellent traction and side slippage-proof.
3.Its carcass design with steel belt and stronger fiber structure protection gives the best resistance to punctures,
4.Deep tread design and cut-resistant tread compound give extended tire life.
Tyre Size P.R. Type Tread Depth Standard Rim Inflated Dimensions Load Capacity
Overall Width Overall Diameter
mm inch mm inch mm inch Load(Kg) Inflation(Kpa)
600/65-34 14 TT 50 1.97 DW20*34 600 23.6 1650 65 4410 240
700/55-34 14 TT 50 1.97 DW24*35 700 27.6 1650 65 4820 240

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